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Fragile… Delta Goodrem’s Inspiration


little bird


As I’m falling down I come undone

So much lonely & fragile

Terribly tight to grey emotion

Can hardly disguise or escape my weakness

Feeling so small & fear rules my mind

Dozens thoughts but none I can catch

So empty so heaved down & my night is getting long

Breathing dawn but hardly overcome the rains


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let’s teach our children….always to wear your invisible crown

let’s teach our children….always to wear your invisible crown.

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Interesting & Weird


Sometimes “One” longs for something, imagine, seeks or stands still till it happens.  Other times,   “One” meet or forced to share it but never dare to actually have it … suddenly “One” turns senseless, empty and pity breathless lost…. Fail to live it though needs it more than much….

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Language of the Soul

“A Poem Can Save You” an article

by Kim Rosen, published April 2, 2012

A word is dead

When it is said

Some say.

I say it just

Begins to live

That day.

— Emily Dickinson

Poetry is the language of the soul. From below the surface of your life, the truth of who you are calls to you through the poems you love. Even if you have been touched by only one poem, or just a single line heard at a crucial moment and remembered, those words are an invitation from within. To take them deeply into your life and speak them aloud brings every level of who you are—your thoughts, your words, your feelings, and even your physical energies—into alignment with what matters most to you. You are receiving and giving voice not only to the poem but also to your own soul.

Many of us have searched for guides to help unravel the riddles of our existence and point us toward aspects of ourselves we cannot uncover on our own. We have turned to gurus, friends, lovers, and mentors for help. A poem you love can be such a teacher.

Before written language took words out of our mouths and onto the page, and long before “virtual” communication lifted them off the page and into intangible space, our ancestors knew that a poem, spoken aloud, could change us with its vital, voiced wisdom. Even today, in many cultures throughout the world, poetry still resides in its original home—in the sounds, sensations, and feelings of the human body.

I invite you to take a poem you love into your heart and your body. Develop a vibrant relationship with it. Become intimate with it, and allow it to guide you into intimacy with yourself. Receive the poem’s gifts as it illuminates undiscovered realms within you.

And give the poem the gift of a home in your particular humanness. If you do this, that poem can become a teacher that is always with you, touching and changing every moment of your life.

As you go deeper into your relationship with a poem, it may guide you to discover treasures that you did not know you had. Perhaps there are hidden talents or creative visions that will appear.

Perhaps the poem will call forth a long-buried memory, magnetized by the words to the surface of your consciousness for healing or inspiration. Perhaps it will open you to a new way of seeing the world, or a feeling of grief you have avoided, or an experience of joy you didn’t know was in you.

A poem is a physical event. The rhythm may quicken or slow your pulse. The flow of the language may expand your breathing.

The music woven into the words may change the very texture of your voice. A poem even entrains your brainwaves, altering your biochemistry and allowing shifts in consciousness that can bring healing, understanding, and unexpected insight.

Spending time with a poem is a way of choosing what you’re going to do with your attention. In this world of iPods, e-mails, cell phones, and spam, opportunities for fragmentation of consciousness are thick and fast. It can be lifesaving to return to the sanctuary of a poem that you hold within you. Like singing a song you love or blasting it on the stereo, like reading a favorite Psalm or the Heart Sutra several times a day, it is a choice to fill your thoughts with what you hold precious and believe in, instead of the plethora of commercial jingles, self-criticisms, or anxieties about the past and the future that usually overrun the mind.

When I focus on a poem I love, my thoughts stop spinning and become quiet. My body relaxes. My breathing finds the rhythm of the poem. Whether I’m in the car, on the subway, walking on the beach, or sitting on a meditation cushion, that poem becomes as real a refuge as any church, synagogue, or mosque.

To develop a relationship with a poem is something like falling in love—with all the wonder and challenge that can bring. It begins with infatuation: the curiosity to get to know the poem, to learn everything you can about its meaning, rhythm, sound, and silence. At the same time, you are allowing the poem to carry you into yourself, evoking feelings, reflections, and new experiences of the world.

Then, as with any relationship, inevitable difficulties arise and the hard work comes: suddenly you find you don’t like the last stanza after all, or you repeatedly stumble over the third line, or a certain turn of phrase inexplicably brings up a sense of discomfort you’d rather avoid. But you hang in there anyway, allowing the poem to take you beyond your comfort zone.

A new and enriching experience invariably waits behind every resistance. Ultimately there is the pleasure and grace that comes when the poem has become yours. You know it intimately and can share it with others or simply read it to yourself for your own pleasure. The spoken poem is a wondrous new creation born of the unique convergence between words that have been written by someone else, even someone who may have lived centuries ago in a faraway country, and your own voice.

Once you know a poem deeply, you have a gift you can give others as well as yourself.

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Life Enlightment

I believe in signs as much

There are insight within that enlighten our living

There are good omens to go on

There are warnings to stop/be careful

I float with fantasy yet listen to reality

Wish & dream … live to learn … smile….. & hope

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Moments of Impact


Paige: I vow to help you love life, to always hold you with tenderness and to have the patience that love demands, to speak when words are needed and to share the silence when they are not and to live within the warmth of your heart and always call it home.

Leo: I vow to fiercely love you in all your forms, now and forever. I promise to never forget that this is a once in a lifetime love.

Leo: I vow to love you, and no matter what challenges might carry us apart, we will always find a way back to each other.


Haven’t seen movie yet, just watched trailers & few script lines I heard along with scenes touched me much …. the vow wording shivered me right & teared my eyes as well.

As Paige pity Leo’ patience & wonder if she can love him the way he does her, I couldn’t help a tear drop…. Why such love is only fiction or fairy tale? Or maybe we are the one who meet with wrong people?

Then Leo answers her back –broken heart-  with desperate faith that her heart figured out him once so he trust that she will fall for him once again. Once again, I hope and dream to be loved and be taken care of as much by such an ordinary real man.

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A great life…well-lived days strung together like a necklace of pearls

Live & Learn

A life of greatness is not reserved for the chosen few: women and men with perfect skin, flawless teeth and a royal pedigree. There are no extra human beings on the planet and every single one of us, I deeply believe, can choose to create a life of greatness and extraordinary meaning. It all comes down to Small Daily Acts of Greatness (SDAG). I have been teaching this principle and the impact has been profound. Essentially, a great life is nothing more than a series of great, well-lived days strung together like a necklace of pearls.

As you live your days, so you create your life. The point really is: if you show up fully each and every day and play your best game during the waking hours of each one of your days, you will be guaranteed an extraordinary life. If you improve your health or your relationships or…

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Helpless Stupid

Reading Brilliantly “enemy’ plans”

Feel the hit before it falls

Fluently able to foresight next move


Fail to scape the hit or even fight

I’m a loser

Fully true stupid who can’t defend her back

Not worthy living and gaining slaps

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Bruno Mars – Talking To The Moon Lyrics



I know you’re somewhere out there
Somewhere far away
I want you back
I want you back

My neighbors think I’m crazy
But they don’t understand
You’re all I have
You’re all I have

At night when the stars
Light on my room
I sit by myself

Talking to the moon, tryin’ to get to you
In hopes you’re on the other side talking to me too
Oh, am I a fool who sits alone talking to the moon

I’m feeling like I’m famous
The talk of the town
They say I’ve gone mad
Yeah, I’ve gone mad

[ Bruno Mars Lyrics are found on ]
But they don’t know what I know
‘Cause when the sun goes down
Someone’s talking back
Yeah, they’re talking back

At night when the stars
Light on my room
I sit by myself

Talking to the moon, tryin’ to get to you
In hopes you’re on the other side talking to me too
Oh, am I a fool who sits alone talking to the moon

Do you ever hear me calling?

‘Cause every night
I’m talking to the moon, still tryin’ to get to you
In hopes you’re on the other side talking to me too
Oh, am I a fool who sits alone talking to the moon

I know you’re somewhere out there
Somewhere far away.


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